Who Needs an Errand Service? Only Everyone.

As the Greek philosopher taught us, the only constant is change. Each of has, and will continue to experience changing personal skill sets, physical abilities, interests, family situations, etc. Everything changes.

Most of us will experience times when it sure would be helpful to have a personal assistant, or even an entire entourage of people, at our beck and call.

Maybe you are a busy professional; it can seem that there are just not enough hours in the day. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to pick up the dry cleaning, take your pet to the groomer, or wait for the cable guy to show up at your home?

Maybe you have recently experienced a medical issue that is preventing you, either temporarily or permanently, from keeping up with household chores and errands. If you are laid up, how helpful would it be to have someone to pick up a few groceries on their way over to help catch up on the dishes before they drive you to your doctor’s appointment?

Many seniors prefer to stay in the home they know for as long as possible. This is called “aging in place.” And naturally, as we age, we are likely to need a little extra help in order to maintain our over-all independence. This need will change over time. For many, it might start out with needing someone to do little things like changing lightbulbs because climbing a ladder has become difficult. Perhaps you are still able to travel and just need someone to watch over your home, plants, or pets while you are away. Maybe driving at night has become difficult or you no longer feel secure venturing out unescorted.

When the changes in your life leave you needing a little assistance with your errands or household chores, Entourage Errand Services is here for you whether your need is one-time or recurring. When you are ready to be treated like a VIP with your own personal entourage – give us a call.

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