Why YOU need a Personal Assistant – Part II

Once you’ve decided which personal tasks you want to outsource/delegate. You have to figure out whom to delegate to and the perimeters of that relationship – will you hire a lawn care company to simply mow the grass or will you also have them  trim hedges, prune trees, etc. Will they do these tasks every week? Every other week? Only when requested?

So here is where you ask – ‘If I’ve hired a cleaning service and a lawn care service and a tax professional, why on earth would I need a personal assistant?’ You know what? – If you’ve delegated all the tasks you wish to delegate and you now have all the time you need to deliver top-notch performance at work and still have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor – you don’t need to hire a personal assistant! If you have found that sweet spot where all your household chores and errands are getting done without stressing you out without interfering with your job or taking away from your leisure time – you do NOT need a personal assistant. Congratulations, you should stop reading and go on that whale watching tour, or go hiking, or take your spouse out for a nice dinner.

However, whether on a daily basis, or just once in a while, life just seems to come at you too fast – you should consider getting additional help checking things off your to-do list.

Here in the Uber-age you have lots of options. There are lots of app-based service providers who will  drive you to the airport, deliver your groceries, deliver your fast food, or fix the brakes on your car right in your driveway (or even the parking lot at your job).  The down side to some of these services is that you may not know who you are going to get. Each time you use a service, you could have a different person show up at your door. And most of these companies offer a narrow range of services. One company just delivers your take-out. Another company just does grocery shopping/delivery.

If you had a personal assistant, that person could be virtually a one-stop shop for whatever type of service you need at any point in time.

  • Need a few groceries picked up for that little dinner party you are throwing tonight? – your personal assistant cannot only do the shopping and deliver the groceries to your home, they can also put those groceries away before you even get home from work.
  • Don’t want to miss work to take your dog to the vet or groomer? – let your personal assistant take care of it.
  • Forgot to drop your lucky suit at the cleaners but really want to be sure it’s ready for that big meeting next week? – personal assistant to the rescue.
  • Have a big plumbing emergency the morning of that big meeting? – Your personal assistant may not have a plumber’s license – but they can call the plumber, set-up an appointment, and even be there to meet the plumber. As long as you can shower at the gym, you don’t need to miss that big meeting.
  • Heading out of town on a well deserved vacation – your personal assistant can stop your home by to take care of the cat, water the plants, collect the mail, and make your home look occupied.
  • The possibilities go on and on.

Sounds pretty wonderful doesn’t it? See – you need a personal assistant.

Watch for Part III on this topic coming soon!


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